Stained Glass and Antique Cars Bath Design

1923 Olds Touring Car Stained Glass Bath Collection

Click here for more of Wreb’s vintage Olds bath collection!

Create a relaxing in home spa experience with artwork featuring a souped up vintage 1923 Olds Touring car!

Richard Blower, a long-time Zazzle designer friend who also goes by the name Wreb Blower, writes:

Here is a bath collection I made up. Even though I show a variety of background colors, they are fully customizable for mix and match.

The car was a real one that I saw at a Friday night car show at the Denny’s Restaurant parking lot. The actual car was an antique with wooden spoke wheels, but I thought it would look really neat as a hot rod so I gave it modern wheels and a pair of side exhausts.

The design itself is an altered pattern for a stained glass sun catcher. The wet look background is a sheet of clear rippled glass that allows the background colors to show through. I create the illusion of dimensions by rotating the glass within an enclosed piece.

I am a retired microwave radio and fiber optic long distance application engineer. I started drawing on the computer around 1997 and the intent was to actually make the make the patterns and transfer them to colored glass. That turned out to be quite expensive and required lots of room for storage so I stuck with just creating the patterns.

I use a Stained Glass Pattern program called Glass Eye 2000 by Dragonfly software to make the patterns, Gimp 2.8 and Photo Studio for special effects and changing colors on images of glass sheets.
Red Vintage Car Stained Glass Bath Set

Canvas Print / Shower Curtain / Bath MatBathroom ScaleWall ClockNight LightLight Switch CoverRound Drawer Knob

This Polyvore set provides a design suggestion for how to use this 1923 Olds Touring Car set as part of your bathroom decor!

Pair with an antique claw foot tub and a white vanity that will work with the round knobs.

A silver framed mirror, brushed nickle towel bars and shower bar, and silver waste paper basket, soap dish, and lotion dispenser play up the antique look.

Towels in blue, lavender, and cream or taupe will compliment the decor.

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