Teak Spa Makeover Questions Answered

18 inch OptiAreaTM Teak Shower Bench - From the Sumba Collection, cost: $129.95

This 18″ OptiAreaTM Teak Shower Bench from the Sumba Collection will easily fit in a narrow shower stall or across the width of a regular  tub.

How difficult is it to add a teak bench to my shower or bath?

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat from the stresses of daily living with a spa teak shower bench or stool with minimal effort! Your bench arrives with the top and shelf already assembled. Easy-to-understand instructions accompany each bench, along with a packet of screws and little wood dots to seal the screw holes. Within minutes of your bench’s arrival, you can have a beautiful seat for relaxing in your shower or bath.

Which size bench will fit in my shower? In my bath?

To answer this question, you will need a tape measure or yard-stick to measure the width and depth of your shower or bath.

Teak shower benches and stools come in eighteen inch, twenty-four inch, thirty inch, and thirty-six inch lengths. Longer length benches tend to be a little deeper across the seat. Check the dimensions of the bench or benches that you’re interested in, then measure the dimensions of your shower and/or the width of your bathtub. A shorter width (18 or 24 inch) stool or bench will fit in a tub or narrow shower enclosure.

Can I use spa teak shower benches elsewhere besides in my bathroom?

Certainly! A corner teak shower bench or a spa teak shower stool with shelf would make a fantastic nightstand for in the bedroom or occasional tables for in the living room, or on the deck or patio. A 36-inch spa teak shower bench can also be used as a coffee table. Teak benches and stools stand up well to water and weathering, and work well while looking beautiful in a garden setting or by a pool.

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