Teak, Beautiful Teak

18 inch OMEGA Round Teak Shower Bench With Shelf, cost: $139.95

Introducing the 18″ OMEGA Round Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

Check out these teak shower benches! Aren’t they gorgeous?

That gorgeous color comes naturally; no stains or varnish needed!

Teak wood is so beautiful because the fine grain is so densely packed, that the wood takes on a satiny feel and finish when properly sanded.

The rich brown color of the wood catches the light with subtle, tiny glints of gold and red highlights that make the color very rich.

Teak wood’s beauty isn’t just skin deep either: that beauty runs true through each entire piece of wood.

Resins in the wood make the teak exceptionally strong and durable, and add to the luster of each piece until varnishing becomes almost a crime!

Keep your teak natural for the most beautiful, durable wood bench experience!

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