Stained Glass and Antique Cars Bath Design

1923 Olds Touring Car Stained Glass Bath Collection

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Create a relaxing in home spa experience with artwork featuring a souped up vintage 1923 Olds Touring car!

Richard Blower, a long-time Zazzle designer friend who also goes by the name Wreb Blower, writes:

Here is a bath collection I made up. Even though I show a variety of background colors, they are fully customizable for mix and match.

The car was a real one that I saw at a Friday night car show at the Denny’s Restaurant parking lot. The actual car was an antique with wooden spoke wheels, but I thought it would look really neat as a hot rod so I gave it modern wheels and a pair of side exhausts.

The design itself is an altered pattern for a stained glass sun catcher. The wet look background is a sheet of clear rippled glass that allows the background colors to show through. I create the illusion of dimensions by rotating the glass within an enclosed piece.

I am a retired microwave radio and fiber optic long distance application engineer. I started drawing on the computer around 1997 and the intent was to actually make the make the patterns and transfer them to colored glass. That turned out to be quite expensive and required lots of room for storage so I stuck with just creating the patterns.

I use a Stained Glass Pattern program called Glass Eye 2000 by Dragonfly software to make the patterns, Gimp 2.8 and Photo Studio for special effects and changing colors on images of glass sheets.
Red Vintage Car Stained Glass Bath Set

Canvas Print / Shower Curtain / Bath MatBathroom ScaleWall ClockNight LightLight Switch CoverRound Drawer Knob

This Polyvore set provides a design suggestion for how to use this 1923 Olds Touring Car set as part of your bathroom decor!

Pair with an antique claw foot tub and a white vanity that will work with the round knobs.

A silver framed mirror, brushed nickle towel bars and shower bar, and silver waste paper basket, soap dish, and lotion dispenser play up the antique look.

Towels in blue, lavender, and cream or taupe will compliment the decor.

Create An Elegant Spa Retreat with Pink Roses

Pink Roses Bath Decor by Nichole Daigrepont

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As part of my new website redesign, I want to showcase bath and shower product collections created by other talented Zazzle designers whom I am privileged to be friends with!

This gorgeous bath and shower collection by Nichole Cecilia Daigrepont features a large pink rose with other smaller pink roses and rosebuds on a pink background.

  • Pink Roses Bath Collection includes:
  • shower curtain
  • bath mat
  • bathroom scale
  • light switch
  • cabinet knobs
  • night light
  • toothbrush holder and soap dispenser

Nichole says:

I used a few different apps: Pics Art, Pip Camera, Fotorus, and Adobe Photohop mix and resize. Photoshop mix helps me blend the images together.

I took three different images to make this design: the pink background, then pink roses and added the ribbons to blend into one image.

I started out being a photographer, and have spent the last nine years as a artist. My Zazzle store is Elegant Cecilia Grace Designs.

Nichole is disabled. She began designing products on Zazzle last summer after friends in a Facebook group told her about Zazzle and encouraged her to join. Her artwork is beautiful, and the designs are incredible! Thank you, Nichole, for sharing your talents with us!

Here is a suggestion for a bathroom designed around Nichole’s pink roses bath collection:

Pink Roses Bath Decor by Nichole Cecilia Daigrepont

I envision an oasis with cool mint walls and white tile floor, featuring vintage plumbing fixtures like the claw foot tub in this Polyvore set. I envision a white cabinet with marble top, dual sinks, and brushed steel fixtures that takes round knobs. A free-standing antique toilet paper dispenser would add a beautiful, optional touch.

The best colors for towels would be in a deeper shade of jade green or raspberry pink, as shown. Window curtains would match the mauve tones of the design background.

The jumbo teak hamper, teak shower bench, and over the door bamboo towel hanger also shown below are not included in this set, but would look beautiful with these roses and add functionality.

Jumbo Teak Hamper, cost: $189.99 & FREE Shipping

Jumbo Teak Hamper from Redmon

18 inch ASIA Teak Shower Bench With Shelf, cost: $129.95

18″ ASIA Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

InterDesign Formbu Over The Door Stainless Steel and Bamboo Towel Hanger, cost: $18.13 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Over The Door Stainless Steel and Bamboo Towel Hanger

Teak Spa Makeover Questions Answered

18 inch OptiAreaTM Teak Shower Bench - From the Sumba Collection, cost: $129.95

This 18″ OptiAreaTM Teak Shower Bench from the Sumba Collection will easily fit in a narrow shower stall or across the width of a regular  tub.

How difficult is it to add a teak bench to my shower or bath?

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat from the stresses of daily living with a spa teak shower bench or stool with minimal effort! Your bench arrives with the top and shelf already assembled. Easy-to-understand instructions accompany each bench, along with a packet of screws and little wood dots to seal the screw holes. Within minutes of your bench’s arrival, you can have a beautiful seat for relaxing in your shower or bath.

Which size bench will fit in my shower? In my bath?

To answer this question, you will need a tape measure or yard-stick to measure the width and depth of your shower or bath.

Teak shower benches and stools come in eighteen inch, twenty-four inch, thirty inch, and thirty-six inch lengths. Longer length benches tend to be a little deeper across the seat. Check the dimensions of the bench or benches that you’re interested in, then measure the dimensions of your shower and/or the width of your bathtub. A shorter width (18 or 24 inch) stool or bench will fit in a tub or narrow shower enclosure.

Can I use spa teak shower benches elsewhere besides in my bathroom?

Certainly! A corner teak shower bench or a spa teak shower stool with shelf would make a fantastic nightstand for in the bedroom or occasional tables for in the living room, or on the deck or patio. A 36-inch spa teak shower bench can also be used as a coffee table. Teak benches and stools stand up well to water and weathering, and work well while looking beautiful in a garden setting or by a pool.

Keep Your Teak Shower Bench Beautiful

30 Inch Spa Teak Shower Bench with Shelf, cost: $224.95

To clean your teak shower bench, scrub with rough salt scrub, rinse, and allow to dry.

There is a beauty to many types of wood; the luster that comes from careful planing, sanding, and buffing, but among woods, the beauty of teak is unique.

The fine, narrow grain, the exceptional smoothness of the wood after finishing, the way well-cared-for teak glows in a beam of sun that picks out tiny flecks of color in the wood; all of these characteristics are unique to teak.

Not only is teak wood beautiful when newly finished, but it ages beautifully too! When it sits out in all weathers or is constantly exposed to water, it ages to a lovely silvery gray while losing none of the properties that make it such a sturdy, water-resistant wood.

It’s easy to keep your teak shower benches and stools looking lovely, too; mix up a salt scrub with one cup rough salt and one cup water, rub down your teak bench with the salt scrub, rinse, and let dry. This method of cleaning protects the fibers and natural resins in the wood, and prolongs the life of the wood.

Teak, Beautiful Teak

18 inch OMEGA Round Teak Shower Bench With Shelf, cost: $139.95

Introducing the 18″ OMEGA Round Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

Check out these teak shower benches! Aren’t they gorgeous?

That gorgeous color comes naturally; no stains or varnish needed!

Teak wood is so beautiful because the fine grain is so densely packed, that the wood takes on a satiny feel and finish when properly sanded.

The rich brown color of the wood catches the light with subtle, tiny glints of gold and red highlights that make the color very rich.

Teak wood’s beauty isn’t just skin deep either: that beauty runs true through each entire piece of wood.

Resins in the wood make the teak exceptionally strong and durable, and add to the luster of each piece until varnishing becomes almost a crime!

Keep your teak natural for the most beautiful, durable wood bench experience!

Third Time’s A Charm

Woman in SpaThis website has really taken a beating! First, I set it up as an e-commerce website–which worked pretty well until my shipper ran out of stock for six months, crashing my business!

Then, hackers took down the servers.

Since I have to rebuild anyway, I decided it was time to make this site bigger and better than it’s ever been before!

Now, I’m going to showcase spa teak from along with amazing spa bath products, and accessories featuring my designs as well as artwork from other designers which can be customized to fit your own style!

As I made a list of what I could sell here, now that I’m rebuilding, I became really excited! There are so many great products I want to share with you! 

I will also share bathroom diagrams to help you decide which products will fit in the space you have, and Polyvore sets for suggestions on coordinating designs to create the perfect in home spa retreat for you to relax and unwind in!

I also want to offer holiday-themed spa ideas, and start a discussion about how to create a healthy, healing bathing experience!

Oh, there’s so much I have to tell you! Let’s get started…